Master of Fashion Industry Studies Alumna Represents School of Fashion's International Impact

Elaine Yuen
Yee Lin Elaine Yuen, M.F.I.S. '2021, is the epitome of the School of Fashion's impact on a global scale. After a decade of working experience as a knitwear designer in Hong Kong, the international hub of sourcing and buying, Elaine joined the Master of Fashion Industry Studies program in the Fall of 2018. With her prior and practicum experience in the Northeast Ohio, she completed a creative scholarship-based master's thesis research under Dr. Catherine Amoroso Leslie as well as an M.F.A. in Theatre Costume Design. During her master's study, she demonstrated collaborative skills through team-based course projects as well as individual design projects with various grad faculty. In turn, she was one of the first to publish and present her creative designs at the K.S.U.'s graduate symposium and national and international conferences. Her inquisitive endeavor as an emerging scholar continues after her graduation with an M.F.I.S. degree. She presented multiple design pieces at the national/international conferences and recently published a book review article in the academic journal Dress. Currently, she is pursuing her doctoral studies on Cultural Heritage Informatics in Kent State's College of Communication and Information. 



Future Leadership in the Fashion Industry and Education

Through our Graduate-level program, we, as the School of Fashion, prepare future leaders in the fashion industry. The great strengths of our students are going beyond the excellence in academic performance and being armed with these crucial soft skills sought after by the industry. In the classroom, Elaine practiced her industry-specific knowledge exchange with the undergraduate students.  She was the keystone of the sense of community and belonging among our students, especially ones who were thousands of miles away from their home countries.  For instance, her compassionate and caring character enable graduate students to create sense of belonging and community, during the covid-19 pandemic with virtual meetings and socially distanced gatherings when permitted. 

Support for our Graduate Students

She received a graduate assistantship (tuition waiver and stipend) to support her education in the School of Fashion. Through recruiting such a strong master's candidate in the admission process just like Elaine, who possesses academic, excellence, leadership potential, and cultural diversity, we as School wish to further develop the foundational support for the School's priority in graduate education to become the International Leadership in Fashion Education and long-lasting impact on the greater society through sustainable and innovative solutions.

Engage with our Future Fashion Leaders

Our friends of fashion can support the graduate students in various ways - economic and social capital giving. Your scholarship support will strengthen our vision and priority in international excellence through graduate education. Your talent and time in mentoring our grad students would further the impact of our educational effort. Or offer your professional experience with grad students via guest speaking and School events. Your heartwarming engagement will enable us to realize the School's commitment to the stakeholder approach. 

About the Master of Fashion Industry Studies program

Our Master’s degree focuses on the crucial factors changing the face of the fashion world. You’ll learn about important developments such as advanced technologies, global trends and sustainable practices. 

At the School of Fashion, we give our students a hands-on learning experience. By creating your own business models and innovative solutions to industry challenges, you will gain real-life insights into the strategic directions of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. You can also carry out projects with local, regional, and national fashion companies allowing you to expand your experience and network for future employment opportunities.

Our MFIS is a five-semester program, including summer. As well as 18 core credit hours, you have six credits of Thesis courses, which give you the option to customize your degree to your career aspirations.    

Learn More and Apply

To learn more about the School of Fashion's M.F.I.S. program, please visit

To receive more information, please complete the form on the M.F.I.S. website or contact graduate program coordinator Dr. Jihyun Kim-Vick at

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