Proposal Components

A complete proposal includes:

  1. A completed Online Proposal Form
  2. A completed Signature Form (download from the Proposal Form)
  3. A Proposal Description of the experience and planned assessment


Proposal Description

The Proposal Description must be 2-3 pages and should include the following information:

Introduction: A brief overview of what you plan to do as your study away experience.

Program: Describe the organization or individuals that will support your experience (e.g. work abroad organization, non-profit group, service learning program, corporate internship, personal contacts). Include the contact name and information of your experience, as well as website if applicable.

Commitment: What amount of time study away experience you are proposing, and how the experience will be structured (e.g. number of days and hours at work/internship/volunteering, number of meeting and/or interviews if conducting research). Describe how you expect to spend your time during your study away experience.

Learning Objectives: Explain what you hope to learn from this experience. Briefly state your objectives for your study away experience. Address each Global Learning Objective.

Methodology: Describe how your experience will lead you to reaching your learning objectives. Explain the connection between your activities and the learning objectives. In addition, please include a proposed reading list (5-8 sources) that will help supplement your knowledge of the Global Learning Objectives.

Evaluation: Describe what your will address in your research/analytical assignment. Please be detailed in terms of the proposed topic(s), content, and/or approach. You do not need to address the content of your reflection paper as you will be expected to select from the essay prompts listed.

Safety, Emergency, and Evacuation Plan: Work with your instructor or program officials to either obtain a copy of an existing plan or develop documentation and procedures that will ensure your safety and security in the event of a health or personal emergency. Please also share your plans for evacuation from abroad, should that become necessary. This must include emergency contact information (names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses) for your contacts abroad. If you will be traveling or staying with family, please share their contact information.