The Value of Student Scholarship Competitions

Claiming the Title

Why we encourage our students to chase national awards

We don’t encourage students to enter competitions just for the titles. Putting the time and effort into submitting a case for any competition, on top of the demands of regular academic work, is a huge accomplishment. Whether you take the prize or not, pushing yourself beyond your limits and seeing an extensive project through until the end can change you in so many ways. Students who take part in competitions tend go the extra mile in other areas of their lives too. You’ll find them taking part in individual investigations, research projects, graduate study, and even in leadership roles. 

And we’re not alone in the way we think. According to the Great Jobs, Great Lives Gallup-Purdue Index, students are twice as likely to feel satisfied and achieve success post-graduation if they feel their professor cares and encourages them to go after their dreams. 

Spending time working with a professor on a quality submission for an intensive project is the best way to build strong and nurturing academic relationships. The mentor’s role is to guide - and students get a taste of what it’s like to be part of a professional partnership. Our students finish with more confidence in what they’re capable of, and transferrable skills that will set them up for an impactful career in fashion.  

How competitions help our students step into the spotlight

While group projects are a key part of our students’ education, teaching them how to collaborate, compromise and delegate, they don’t give talented individuals the chance to shine in their own right. Competitions can give them a platform to showcase their excellence. 

Working to a detailed prompt, students can highlight the wealth of knowledge they’ve gained throughout their education in their response. It’s also an opportunity for our brightest stars to imagine and present unique concepts that have deeply personal roots.  

Tyshaia Earnest saw first-hand how tough life was for under-resourced young women in her hometown of Flint, Michigan, and it was her lived experience that helped her become the winning 2020 FSF Case. 

After being chosen for a Nordstrom corporate internship, Tyshaia was determined to make the most of the opportunity. She used her understanding of the reality of period poverty to create a campaign that could benefit both the business, and the women, experiencing this struggle. 

As Tyshaia was developing her idea, she spoke to industry professionals at Nordstrom and brought their experienced voices into the conversation with her faculty mentor. Her hard work helped the company gain a better insight of a challenge that affects many women across the world. 

"What I gained from my involvement in the Fashion Scholarship Fund is almost indescribable. Above the tangible value( the tremendous financial support throughout undergrad), they provided me with something priceless: access. I quickly found myself in spaces and in conversations that I couldn't have imagined being included in so early in my career. My experience also helped me prove to myself how dedicated, passionate, and capable I really am. During Covid, the Fashion Fund Scholarship family helped me remain grounded in the direction the industry was going in and the mentors I gained from FSF continued to be a sounding board for me to voice my ever-changing aspirations and unique perspective in regards to the industry." - Tyshaia Earnest, '20.

Why we believe in the value of competitions

We believe competitions are essential at the School of Fashion, as they give our outstanding and gifted students a chance to showcase what they’re capable of outside in real-world settings. Bright young people crave additional challenges to learn and grow. But, often, they don’t know to access opportunities that will push them to achieve their potential. 

When our students work with faculty members on an intensive competition submission, they build vital skills like resilience and self-motivation by taking an idea from a concept to something tangible. 

We know that every student is unique, and we’re committed to providing opportunities that can show you just how much you’re capable of. All you need to do is ask.