Vision & Mission

The Kent State University School of Fashion is a research-led teaching institution that fosters industry excellence. 


Our Mission is to transform lives through creative fashion education in pursuit of a sustainable world.

Our Vision is to empower an ecosystem of socially responsible and inventive fashion thinkers.

Our Values are authenticity; curiosity, creativity, and innovation; equity and community.

Authenticity. We empower people to find their voice and their true creativity. To unlock real potential, we encourage people to practice and celebrate their own strengths and passions. 

Curiosity, creativity, and innovation are the lifeblood of our school. By giving people the chance to experiment and play, we build skill sets which are fundamental to creating excellence in fashion and shaping the future of the industry. 

Equity and Community. People and the environment are central to the decisions we make. We respect all beliefs, backgrounds, capabilities, and cultures. We see ourselves as an agent of positive change, and to make this possible, we aim to connect people and places to address challenges facing us all. 

Our Philosophy

Our entrepreneurial founders, Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman, guide our approach. Drawing on their experience of running a successful international fashion house for over 20 years, they created a school that combines real-world understanding with creativity.

Rodgers and Silverman championed the fashion industry, and this is central to our philosophy today. Everything we do is grounded in real-world industry experience. Our approach is enriched by research into the history, material culture, markets, and modern technology of fashion design and fashion merchandising. 

The School of Fashion creates the next generation of fashion thinkers. Our institution plays an integral role in supporting the fashion economy and creating employment across the industry. We believe we have a responsibility to create leaders who will pursue positive change in fashion.