Special Contingency Award


The Graduate Student Senate Special Contingency Award (SCA) is a competitive award that offers a reimbursement of up to $2,000 of approved student-incurred expenses. The funding can be used for costs associated with the active generation or dissemination of the applicant’s primary graduate work. The SCA is to be used for funding in extenuating circumstances as determined by the SCA Review Committee. 
The award is offered on a rolling basis, with the application deadline at 11:59 PM on the last calendar day of each month. Graduate students may receive one Special Contingency Award per graduate program. 

APPLICANTS: GSS Special Contingency Award Application - 2022-2023 AY

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Special Contingency Award Guidelines

Application-blinding Guidelines

Special Contingency Award Evaluation Rubric 

Post-Award Survey (Fall 2022 - Summer 2023)

Tax Form for International Students

The judging rubric above will be used by the award committee while reviewing the applications.

Please view our Business Manager list for more information and to contact your respective manager.

Special Contingency Award Recipients 

Fall 2020 SCA Recipients

Information for SCA Recipients

Awardees: After you are approved for the SCA award, please see the instructions in your award letter for receiving the award amount. Once you have submitted your signed and filled award letter back to the Finance Chair, the Office of the Dean of Students will process the award as a scholarship through your Bursar account, and you should receive the fund within 21 business days. As a recipient of this award, you are also required to complete a Post-Award Survey within 14 days after completing your project.

Tax Information:

The Non-Resident Award Letter (PDF) pertains to non-resident students who have received an award from the Graduate Student Senate. Please read for further information. 

The Resident Award Letter (PDF) pertains to U.S. resident students who have received an award from the Graduate Student Senate. Please read for further information. 

◘ If this information does not answer your tax question, please contact sprintax@kent.edu

Please refer to the GSS Bylaws for further clarification into the policies and procedures associated with this Award (Articles V-VIII)

For questions regarding the Special Contingency Award, please contact Finance Chair, Phaedra Norrell, at pnorrell@kent.edu