International Travel

Award Overview: 

The GSS International Travel Award (ITA) is a competitive award that offers financial support of up to $2,000 of approved student-incurred expenses, as determined by the ITA Committee, for travel outside of the contiguous United States and Canadian provinces and territories not adjacent to the contiguous U.S.  The ITA is offered for Fall, Spring, and Summer travel.  Full- and part-time graduate students whose departments are in good standing with GSS are eligible for the ITA.

The purpose of this award is to promote the professional and academic development of Kent State University’s graduate student population, to support diversity by giving students the opportunity to experience foreign cultures, and to extend Kent State University’s recognition on an international level by providing financial assistance for international professional development, conference presentation, or your field’s equivalency. Funding is restricted to individuals presenting, performing, or actively participating at professional conferences, competitions, festivals, performance tours, or workshops related to their academic program or specialized interests. 

Students are eligible to apply for GSS travel awards with university-sponsored travel reinstated. Travel can increase your chance of getting or spreading COVID-19. Anyone traveling should carefully review the continuously updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance regarding travel. The CDC’s travel website offers detailed information about airline travel, both foreign and domestic, and other travel. Kent State requires university community members to contact the COVID Response Team in certain instances. Please get familiar with Kent State's COVID-19 reporting guidelines and Covid-19 FAQs for Kent State.

A letter of recommendation from an advisor or supervisor is no longer required for the ITA application, but has been replaced by a short survey. In the application, you are asked to include your advisor/supervisors email address for this survey to be sent to. The survey is also available here

APPLICANTS: Apply for the International Travel Award

Advisors and Supervisors, please complete this short survey 

International Travel Award Guidelines

Blinding Guidelines

Exceptional Application

International Travel Award Judging Rubric

Post-Award Survey

The International Travel Award Rubric (PDF) will be used by the selection committee members to evaluate all International Travel Award applications. Once you have downloaded the instructions above and gathered all of the necessary information, click the "International Travel Application" button below to begin the application process.




                  Call for applications OPENS on:                          

Call for applications WILL BE automatically CLOSED on:

August 26th, 2022 October 17th, 2022, by 11:59pm
If you travel between January 17 and August 24, 2023

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                    Call for applications OPENS on:                           

Call for applications WILL BE automatically CLOSED on:
January 10th, 2023 March 13th, 2023
If you travel between May 11, 2023 and January 17, 2024

Tax Information:

The Non Resident Award Letter (PDF) pertains to non-resident students who have received an award from the Graduate Student Senate.

The Resident Award Letter (PDF) pertains to U.S. resident students who have received an award from the Graduate Student Senate.

◘ If this information does not answer your tax question, please contact

Please refer to the GSS Bylaws for further clarification into the policies and procedures associated with this Award (Articles V-VIII).

Please direct questions regarding the International Travel Award to the Vice Executive Chair, Jordyn Stoll, at