Beyond Compliance

Beyond  Compliance Update:  
One of your two annual Beyond Compliance (BC) hours should be a gender-based discrimination or harassment course (formerly known as Title IX Beyond Compliance). Eligible courses for this requirement include:

  • Green Dot Bystander Intervention and Prevention Training
  • Let's Talk Title IX (webinars)
  • Safe Colleges: Sexual Harassment - Staff-to-Staff
  • Safe Colleges: Title IX and Sexual Violence Prevention for Employees

Future Title IX (virtual and facilitator-led) workshops will be added to this list.  

You still need to complete one additional hour to reach the 2-hour minimum each year.  

Look for the BC label

Beyond Compliance (BC) is an initiative that provides annual training for Kent State faculty and staff. Since 2014, Beyond Compliance ensures that faculty and staff are fully up-to-date and aware of the relevant laws and university policies regarding discrimination, harassment and violence prevention.

An initiative such as this keeps the university compliant with Title IX and The Campus SaVE Act, part of the 2013 reauthorized Violence Against Women Act.  While regular training regarding other forms of discrimination and harassment is not required by law on an annual basis, a practice such as Beyond Compliance is considered a "best practice" for effective prevention.  

Who is the audience?

Beyond Compliance applies to all full and part-time faculty and staff. Other interested members of the university community are also welcome and encouraged to participate.  Full and part-time staff who have joined the university in the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) will meet the Beyond Compliance standard by completing their new-hire online training requirements from Human Resources.  Those individuals will be expected to meet or exceed the minimal Beyond Compliance expectations in following years.

Why is Beyond Compliance important?

This initiative is important because it means Kent State continues to hold the highest standards for ensuring our workforce remains one of the best by respecting the differences in people, ideas, and opinions and through the express prohibition of discrimination toward others..

What approved training is available?

Only BC-approved training will count towards the two-hour minimum. For a list of commonly held courses, view our Training Catalog offerings

How are topics selected?

Human Resources collaborates with many university partners to offer various topics. Contact if you have a topic or campus initiative for consideration.