Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that provide answers to common questions of First Gen students.

What does it mean to be First Gen?

Who is a First Gen student?
  • First Gen students are or will be the first in their families to earn a Bachelor’s degree.
What is a First Gen Advocate?
  • A First Gen Advocate is someone who provides a welcoming environment to First Gen students to support personal and career development and who provides guidance and support during the students college journey for future success beyond graduation.

Financial Aid Resources

Where do I go for financial aid, scholarships and billing questions?
How do I find jobs on campus?
  • The Career Exploration and Development center offer the opportunity to become part of a Career Community (organization of clusters of occupations and industries that are designed to help you explore and discover careers that align with your goals and interests), attend drop in sessions with Career Advisors, join Future Focused Friday sessions, and find Co-Ops, Internships, full-time paid employment and part-time paid employment through Handshake!
Where can I purchase textbooks?
  • The Kent State University Bookstore is where you can purchase textbooks, school supplies, technology, and KSU apparel. To purchase textbooks, you can go to the Student Center on campus where the Kent State University Bookstore is located and purchase your textbooks. If you would like to purchase textbooks online from the Kent State University Bookstore, head to Flashline and click on “student” then “Courses and Registration” and then “View or Print Course Schedule and Purchase Textbooks.” The link at the top is “Purchase Books from the Kent State University Bookstore.” If you click the link, a personalized textbook list will appear.
Where can I find my course schedule for the semester?
  • .The course schedule can be found on Flashline. Once on the Flashline welcome screen, to the left there is a menu – click on “student” then “Courses and Registration” and then “View or Print Course Schedule and Purchase Textbooks.” This will give you a printable version of your semester schedule.
How can I connect with First Generation Faculty and Staff?
  • First Gen Faculty and Staff are available and willing to connect with First Gen students to be a guiding resource on campus! First Gen Faculty and Staff understand what you are experiencing as a First Gen student and want to help provide you with resources and information to help you along your college journey! A great place to start is on the I AM FIRST website where you can see the Faculty and Staff stories and contact information to start connecting with First Gen Faculty and Staff!
If I am struggling in a class, where can I seek help?
  • The Academic Success Center offers scheduled tutoring (in-person and online) for multiple subject areas and drop-in tutoring sessions for Math and Chemistry. Seek college specific resources as well (college-specific tutoring, academic coaching). Furthermore, the Writing Commons is located on the fourth floor of the Library on the Kent Campus. The Writing Commons tutors can help with essays, formatting, organizing work, revising a thesis and much more!
Where do I go for accessibility and accommodations?
  • Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides accessible and inclusive experiences for students with all types of disabilities as they learn, live and work at Kent State University. An Access Consultant can review basic SAS processes for getting connected and using accommodations.
What healthcare services does Kent State University offer and how can I find them?
  • University Health Services is located in the Deweese Health Center located on Eastway Drive near the Eastway center and Ice Arena on campus. By using the website, students are able to use the patient portal to schedule appointments, document immunizations, look up after hours care, access medical forms, and find pharmacy hours. Access to Telemedicine visits, in person visits, labs, immunizations, x-ray and pharmacy information can be found on the website. Furthermore, Counseling and Psychological Services are also housed in University Health Services. More counseling services can be provided through The Counseling Center located in White Hall. The University Health Services Women’s Clinic is located on the lower level and provides access to women’s healthcare.
How can I get involved on campus?
  • Kent State University has over 400 clubs and organizations for you to join! As a student, you also have the opportunity to create and register your own club if you have an interest that is not already represented by one of the other organizations or clubs on campus. More information and details about all of the clubs and organizations  can be found on the Center for Student Involvement website!