Your online course is complete, now it’s time to focus on teaching methods and strategies that work well in the online classroom. Visit the sections below for an overview of ideas and approaches that will help you and your students have a successful online learning experience.

Essential Methods & Strategies

How is online teaching different?

In this section, we’ll briefly explore how the role of both the student and the instructor can change once we move from the face-to-face to the online classroom. Use the ideas presented here to think through instructional strategies that will help you and your students adjust to the online learning environment.



How the Online Environment Impacts the Instructor Role (PDF)

How the Online Environment Impacts the Student Role (PDF)

Creating presence online

The feelings of interconnectedness and community that happen naturally when we’re present in the face-to-face classroom are absent online… unless the instructor deliberately fosters feelings of presence and works to build an online learning community. This section is an overview of why we must develop and implement a plan to create presence and interaction, as well as some suggestions for creating your plan.



Creating Presence Online.pdf

Communication and feedback

Communication happens almost effortlessly in the face-to-face classroom, but online, we need to have clear policies and be proactive about communicating with students. Providing feedback and guidance is even more vital in the online classroom, as well as encouraging student communication.



Preparing for the start of your course

This section details some things to get ready prior to the start of your course, as well as a basic “timeline” to keep in mind as the course progresses.



Preparing for your first day.pdf

Faculty Insights - Teaching Online

In these videos, Kent State University faculty share their experiences with teaching online.