Investing in the Future of Scientific Research

Professors G. Dennis Cooke and Barbara K. Andreas support students interested in scientific discovery.

When emeriti professors G. Dennis Cooke, ’59, and Barbara K. Andreas, ’68, M.A. ’70, Ph.D. ’80, arrived at the Memorial Athletic and Convocation (MAC) Center for the Herrick Society luncheon, they were delighted to meet Samuel Large and Sarah Faber, two recipients of their scholarship for biology students. 

“It was so joyful to sit there, ask them questions and hear them say how much our scholarship has helped them,” Barbara explained.

Through a combination of direct financial support and planned gifts, they established the Dr. G. Dennis Cooke and Dr. Barbara K. Andreas Scholarship in Biological Sciences in 2012. Both Denny and Barbara are Kent State alumni who later became leading biology researchers and professors at Kent State, Denny in limnology (freshwater biology) and Barbara in plant biology. In addition to numerous research achievements, both received the Distinguished Teaching Award, Kent State’s most prestigious honor in teaching, sponsored by the Kent State Alumni Association.

The opportunity to meet and talk with their scholarship recipients reinforced their interest in continuing to give to Kent State scholarships and programs.

“We are trying to give back,” said Denny. “Small scholarships came in at just the right time to help us get by as young students at Kent State. We are trying to reach out to students in need.”

At the event, the couple spent time talking to Sarah and Samuel about their shared love of science and concerns about the environment, as well as the students’ research interests and plans for the future.

“Talking to them about their work in biology and applied ecology was very interesting, as was our discussion on the future of biology and ecology,” said Samuel. “It was a great time!”

Sarah echoed Samuel’s sentiments, saying that Denny and Barbara’s passion for science and the state of Ohio has made her more passionate about both and even more grateful for the chance to share in their legacy.

"The rewards are plentiful,” said Barbara. “It is well worth the investment helping someone else along. I would encourage anyone I could to start a scholarship like this."

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 15, 2023 12:01 PM
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