It’s all about who you know.

When you enroll in the School of Media and Journalism, you join a network of 8,000+ alumni across the nation and across the nation and globe. We help our alumni stay connected with each other and current students through the following:

As alumni rise to become leaders in their professions, we provide opportunities for them to offer mentoring, internships, and job placement assistance. Our alumni have remarkable stories to tell about their career experiences. Read about some of our prominent alumni.

Social/New Media

  • Social Media, Biden For President

    Social Media, Biden For President

    Brenna Parker, '17, grew up in a household that talked about important issues of the day, so it’s no surprise that her young career has been rooted in politics and civic engagement. Leading up to the historic 2020 election, Parker served as Web and Facebook Strategist for Biden for President

  • Manager of New Media, Washington Nationals

    Manager of New Media, Washington Nationals

    As the Washington Nationals marched their way toward a World Series victory in 2019, Kent State alumnus Dan Armelli was the face behind the team’s social media presence. Read about his job as Manager of New Media with the MLB franchise. 

  • Senior Creative, RYOT Studios (NYC)

    Senior Creative, RYOT Studios (NYC)

    Isaac Versaw launched his career in advertising and visual communication design in New York City. At his job at RYOT, an immersive film studio that started by making social impact documentaries, his work is focused on advocacy and action.

Documentary, Film and Photography

  • Award-Winning Film Director

    Award-Winning Film Director

    Less than 10 years ago, Tyler Pina was working on films at Kent State. Today, he’s an award-winning director in Los Angeles. He recently traveled the world with his short film “88 Cents”: screening it at more than 70 international film festivals and winning 67 awards.

  • Photographer, New York City

    Photographer, New York City

    After graduating from Kent State with her photojournalism degree, Brooke DiDonato packed her bags and moved to New York City — her “midwestern dream” — and has been growing her career as a freelance and gig-based photographer there ever since.

  • Tom Jennings, '85

    Tom Jennings, '85

    Filmmaker and Documentarian

Community Relations and Public Affairs

  • Diversity & Inclusion, Major League Baseball

    Diversity & Inclusion, Major League Baseball

    For Phylicia McCorkle, baseball means giving back to the community and making an impact. As the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for Major League Baseball at the Office of the Commissioner, she works with all 30 clubs as well as with MLB Network and MLB Advanced Media to put together strategies and diversity recruiting efforts.

  • Cyber and Intelligence Communications, Northrop Grumman

    Cyber and Intelligence Communications, Northrop Grumman

    Gabrielle Woodard, '17,  leads communication efforts for the company’s artificial intelligence business as well as other communication priorities.

Advertising and Public Relations

  • Ben Brugler, '00: President, AKHIA

    Ben Brugler, '00: President, AKHIA

    Ben Brugler, '00, is President of AKHIA, a full-service communications agency in Northeast Ohio, where he landed his first job after graduation.

  • Denise Kaufmann, '86

    Denise Kaufmann, '86

    Partner, Director of Client Development 
    Ketchum, Global PR Firm

  • Chris Baldwin, '94: Principal, True Digital Communications

    Chris Baldwin, '94: Principal, True Digital Communications

    Chris Baldwin, '94, is the founder of True Digital Communications. He employs a team of mostly Kent State JMC grads, who work with clients to develop a strong digital presence.

News Careers

  • Anchor, Fox 5 Washington, D.C.

    Anchor, Fox 5 Washington, D.C.

    Jeannette Reyes, '12, is a newscaster for FOX 5 Morning and Good Day D.C. in Washington, D.C. She says: “I am so grateful I chose journalism and went to Kent State because aside from having really good professors, I had a great hands-on program that put me ahead of the game." 

  • Global Journalist, Cambodia

    Global Journalist, Cambodia

    Kiana Duncan, '18, developed a passion for traveling during her time at Kent State, always taking advantage of every opportunity she had to study abroad and get new experiences, and upon graduating, she's turned that love into her career.

  • Senior Producer, Brand and Marketing, WKYC Cleveland

    Senior Producer, Brand and Marketing, WKYC Cleveland

    Alumnus David Hrvatin is part of the vast network of professionals that works behind the scenes to make a television newscast come alive and deliver information to communities.

  • Senior Producer, NPR

    Senior Producer, NPR

    Jinae West got her start in journalism as an intern at the Washington Post — always searching for big and bold opportunities. Now, 10 years after graduation, she's working as a senior producer for an NPR radio show and podcast. Read more about her career in audio storytelling, an up-and-coming field.

  • Opinion Editor, USA Today

    Opinion Editor, USA Today

    After earning a Pulitzer Prize for her work with the Arizona Republic, Kristen DelGuzzi, '98, made the move to Washington, D.C., where she is now Opinion Editor at USA Today. She says: "Without (my professors') guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am now – standing among professionals I admired as a student, with my name on a list of people I have looked up to for as long as I can remember.”

  • Director, Solutions Journalism Network

    Director, Solutions Journalism Network

    Carolyn Robinson, '87, got her start as an international journalist while studying abroad as an undergraduate in Florence. "By the time I left Kent I was in really good shape. I went almost directly to CNN Atlanta. They really liked my international experience." Now, she trains journalists back home.