Hands-On Experience

College is a time for exploring new ideas, developing new skills, finding new passions and forming lifelong bonds.

Discover the many ways you'll explore hands-on work and professional development inside and outside the classroom at Kent State's School of Media and Journalism. 

Student Awards and Accolades

The hands-on experiences Media and Journalism students get inside and outside the classroom has led to national and regional awards over the years.

Explore Opportunities

  • You were born to explore – to navigate an ever-expanding world of new ideas, new information, new people and new stories. The College of Communication & Information (CCI) is committed to offering innovative coursework, experiential learning, study away programs and internship and service-learning opportunities that expand your perspectives and your possibilities. 

  • NewsLab provides Kent State journalism students with real-world experiences through mostly paid internships, while also connecting under-resourced professional media partners with quality, reliable coverage focused on local communities and issues.