Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, True Digital Communications

Chris Baldwin, '94, Public Relations

About 85 percent of True Digital Communications’ employees are Kent State graduates, including the digital marketing firm’s founder, Chris Baldwin, ’94.

“(Kent State) prepared me with a very rigorous and fantastic PR program,” said Baldwin.

It was in his public relations and advertising courses classes that Baldwin learned the art of developing messages for key audiences. He said that the Kent State students he hires as interns and employees now show great knowledge of this as well.

True Digital Communications focuses on digital marketing, and while new skill sets are important, he explained the importance of knowing the basics.

“As a business owner, I want to hire people who can get up to speed very quickly,” Baldwin said. “My team members, many who are from Kent, (have) applied their knowledge and connected the dots.”

On his journey to becoming founder, Baldwin worked for multiple advertising and public relations agencies from his graduation in 1994 until 2011. He started True Digital Communications in February 2011, and the firm has continued to grow.

True Digital Communications crafts services and products for companies that are exploring digital services. Baldwin explained that digital marketing is about understanding what is working and why. To accomplish this, Baldwin expects creativity, which is why he created an open and collaborative workspace for employees.

“We hear all the time that this must be what Google looks like,” said Baldwin.

True’s offices contain mostly glass walls, creating a constant whirlwind of sharing ideas and receiving feedback. The openness of
the office adds to his employees’ ability to produce the best work for clients.

Most of the clients his team works with have never looked into digital marketing before working with True. When working with these clients, True employees begin with an analysis of the client’s digital presence. Then, using programs such as Google Analytics, they determine the best way to help each client.

“To be effective, you’ve got to personalize,” Baldwin said. “I want to expose (clients) to ideas and behaviors they have never thought of and make it relevant to consumers.”

With each new client, Baldwin and his team connect the dots to produce the best product.

“We’re in a constant state of learning. We will get from Point A to Point B,” said Baldwin. “Ultimately, it comes down to results.”

As featured in Jargon, 2017 | Learn more about JMC alumni leaders. 

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