High Schoolers, Parents 'Preview' JMC

Making the most of your college experience-starting on day one

Preview day at JMC

“You have 1,357 days of college to prepare for the rest of your life. How you will make the most of that time, starting day one?”

JMC Director Thor Wasbotten posed this question to 45 high school students and parents who
attended a special information session at Franklin Hall in late July as part of Kent State University’s Preview Day, an event that introduces high school student to college life, admissions, financial aid and careers.

“The typical student spends 1,357 days in college,” Wasbotten explained.  “That time goes by quickly. What you do on day one matters. How will you be respected, relevant and real in that time?”

Making the most of the college experience – starting on “day one” -- was the central focus of the day, as Wasbotten and other JMC speakers focused on JMC’s academic programs, our nationally awarded independent Student Media, student professional organizations, experiential learning opportunities, internships and job-search assistance.  They emphasized that JMC students can be as involved as they want to be – from day one.

“You don’t have to be a junior or senior to have a leadership role in Student Media or student organizations or to land internships,” JMC’s Coordinator for Career Services John Butte told those in attendance. “We give you plenty of opportunities to find out quickly if this career is what you really want to do.” Butte described the range of support programs that JMC offers, including an extensive internship database, faculty contacts, resume writing, an industry-focused CareerExpo, and personal brand development.

Amy Wilkens, JMC’s academic advising coordinator, highlighted the advantages of JMC’s on-site academic advising team, which works one-on-one with students every semester to help structure academic plans and co-curricular opportunities that fit student goals.

Preview Day visitors were especially focused on JMC junior Kaitlynn LeBeau, a broadcast
journalism major, who detailed her first two years at JMC, from her early start as a freshman reporter on TV2 through her roles as news anchor, TV2 Board member and, starting this fall, news director. Underscoring the importance of balance, she showed a ven diagram depicting the three essentials of a college student’s experience:  study, sleep and social life.  “You need a good balance. And you need to think ahead: what do you need to do now to meet your goals?”  

LeBeau also shared personal examples of her beyond-the-classroom learning experiences:  traveling to Prague as part of a study-abroad experience this summer, hitting the Presidential campaign trail during the 2012 election and spending time at Cleveland’s four major TV stations, where “Kent State is well known for preparing professional journalists.”  

She spoke candidly about the need for getting involved early. “College goes by fast. I feel like I was just a freshman and now I am realizing, I have to get a real job soon. I have no fear of getting a job, though. I feel fully prepared by my School and by my Student Media experiences. I am confident,” she said. “I love JMC. I love every day here. I feel blessed. I know I’m in the good old days right now, here at JMC.”

Students and parents ended their JMC preview with tours of Franklin Hall and an information fair where they obtained more information on Student Media, student organizations, and CCI Commons.

If you are a high school or transfer student interested in visiting JMC, you can sign up easily here.

POSTED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 12:00 AM
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