JMC Student Voice Team Launches; Self-Nominations Encouraged

JMC students now have a new way to share their views, represent their peers and make the School stronger in the process.

The faculty-led Diversity and Globalization Committee will form a student advisory board, the Student Voice Team (SVT), in early November to help advance JMC’s diversity and globalization goals and to ensure that student views and concerns are heard.

SVT members will include representatives from each class level (from freshmen through graduate students), as well as members who represent the School’s demographic, academic and experiential diversity. Student self-nominations are highly encouraged and will be accepted through Wednesday, October 30. Faculty and staff may nominate students as well. Nominations should be sent via email to Professor Traci Williams at, the SVT faculty adviser, and must include the common subject line “SVT Nomination,” along with a brief explanation of why the student wants to serve on the committee, and the student’s availability to meet during the week.

The SVT will help JMC achieve its diversity and globalization goals by increasing the engagement of under-represented and under-served student groups; by raising concerns that could impede JMC from achieving its goals; and helping JMC address specific challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion.   

“In essence, the SVT will help make diversity and globalization relevant to all members of the JMC student body and the JMC family,” said Professor Gene Shelton, chair of the Diversity and Globalization Committee and JMC’s diversity coordinator.

SVT members will serve for an academic year, with the opportunity for re-nomination for a second year as appropriate. Members will work closely with JMC Director Thor Wasbotten and with the Diversity and Globalization Committee.

For more information, contact Professor Traci E. Williams at or Stephanie Danes Smith at

POSTED: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 12:00 AM
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