The Business of Media: Student Media Advertising and Marketing Team Earns 10 National Honors

Kent State Student Media’s advertising and marketing team earned numerous honors from the College Media Business and Advertising Managers’ (CMBAM) annual advertising awards, including distinction as the third-best “Media Company of the Year.”

The advertising and marketing team raises revenue for all of Kent State Student Media by selling ad space and providing advertising, promotional item design and ordering, design services, video and audio production and even mobile DJ services to campus departments and local businesses.

“We submit our work for the different awards each year and hope and pray we get something,” said journalism major Ashley Caudill, ’24, the current sales manager. “This year was an amazing year, especially because we’re among and recognized as one of the top student media companies in the nation.”

Ten unique, independent media partners and more than 30 media outlets comprise Student Media. Together, they produce TV, radio, print magazines, newspapers, websites and social media content. The organizations reach thousands of people every day, delivering original reporting, information, entertainment and advertising.

Student Media Office

The award submissions this year included projects like: “Which Brew is for You,” for the Human Bean (a local coffee shop); a guide for parents of Kent State freshmen called “Taking Flight;” ads for the Kent State College of Public Health; and more, all of which Caudill saw the team of students pour hours and tears into.

Alumna Anna Yantek, ’23, designed the cover for “Taking Flight,” which won third place in the Best New Idea (Innovation) category. The visual communication design major called the honor “the cherry on top of a sundae full of accomplishments.”

 “Kent State Student Media set me up for success after graduation,” she said. “…It taught me how to work on a team, how to speak up for myself and pushed me to be a better designer.”

Alumna Katie Herring, ’23, former Student Media graphic designer and visual communication design major, emphasized that working as a designer for Student Media was one of the highlights of her time at Kent State; she uses many of the skills she learned in her postgraduate work.

“I got to work alongside an awesome team of talented students and staff, and I’m super proud of everything we’ve accomplished together,” she said.

Involvement with Kent State Student Media can begin on day one of a student’s freshman year, offering exposure to media and communication industries, strong peer and faculty relationships and opportunities to launch meaningful careers.

“I've met some amazing people, and I've met some lifelong friends in that job, and I think it's just really cool to be surrounded by very creative people who are in the same mindset of working on their profession and are just as dedicated as you are,” Caudill said.

CMBAM is a nonprofit membership organization for university student media groups that connects sales, marketing, design and management students to support independent student journalism; this year was the organization’s 51st year giving out awards. The Kent State Media Student Media team’s CMBAM Advertising Awards and placements include:

  • Media Company of the Year | 3rd Place
  • Best Sales Promotional Materials | 1st Place
  • Best Video Underwriting Ad | 1st Place
  • Best Sponsored Content or Native Advertising | 1st Place
  • Best Paid Design Product | 2nd Place
  • Best Animated Display Ad | 2nd Place
  • Best Self-Promotion Audio Ad | 2nd Place
  • Best Self-Branded Promotional Giveaway | 2nd Place
  • Best New Idea (Innovation) | 3rd Place
  • Best Non-Traditional Revenue-Generating Operation | 3rd Place
Awards line the Student Media office
POSTED: Monday, November 27, 2023 03:33 PM
Updated: Monday, December 11, 2023 02:00 PM
Eve Krejci, '24