Summer Commencement Makes History

The largest group of master's students ever to graduate from JMC

Summer commencement marks two significant milestones for our School:  This is the largest group of master’s students ever to graduate from JMC, and this is the first time more graduate students than undergraduate students will receive diplomas.

"This summer's graduating class of master’s students spans a diverse group not just in terms of age, race and ethnic origin, but in world view. Having taught many of them, I can say they educated me more than any master's class I can recall,” said Tim Roberts, JMC graduate coordinator and lecturer.

Commencement is a time for reflection, and several graduates shared their thoughts about what the JMC experience has meant to them:

Laura Fong, master’s degree in journalism and mass communication:  “I’m grateful for the opportunity to do the kind of scholarly study I wanted to pursue, and I’m thankful for the help of professor Danielle Coombs. I also want to thank [JMC’s senior secretary] Sharon Marquis, because navigating graduate school full time while being a single parent and working is not easy.” Fong will be an adjunct faculty member at Kent State’s Department of Digital Science and the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State Stark.

Elizabeth Keller, bachelor’s degree in advertising:  “I experienced extreme professional growth because of the School. I was part of the first Global Ad & PR study abroad course in London. It got me out there on my own. I set up interviews with agencies in London to talk with people in the field. It was a real-world, eye-opening experience for me.”  

Phylicia McCorkle, master’s degree in journalism and mass communication:  “The past years at Kent State have been a growing experience and have helped me figure out my future. I learned a lot about myself and about the PR industry. I’ve been afforded a lot of opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Without faculty support, I would not have had all these amazing opportunities.” McCorkle is pursuing a career in community relations in the sports industry.

Emily Waechter, bachelor’s degree in electronic media production:  “I think my education has prepared me for the real world. It’s just a matter of getting out there and putting my skills to use.”

Ying-Kai (Kevin) Weng, master’s degree in journalism and mass communication:  “My experience at JMC has helped my career a lot. The international experience itself, as well as the processional experience in the PR department at JMC, has given me a competitive advantage when I go back to Taiwan.”  Weng will explore public relations opportunities in Taiwan or pursue his Ph.D. 

POSTED: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 12:00 AM
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