Subject Resources: Chemistry

Peer Mentoring session

Chemical Elements

This website will provide you with the ability to compare various properties and how they are arranged within the periodic table, such as boiling points, electron configuration, and atomic masses.

Unit Conversion Tables

This reference is for learning how to do conversions such as grams to kilograms. It can be used for weight, length, temperature, pressure, energy, and volume conversions.

Balancing Chemical Equations

This is a website that can be used to brush up on balancing chemical equations. It gives a small tutorial at the beginning and then allows you to try various example problems.

Chemistry Dictionary

Here is a list of useful chemistry terms that you may run across while studying for any of your chemistry classes.

Online Scientific Calculator

If you're in a hurry and can't find your calculator, here is one you can use right from your computer.

UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Fundamentals Program

This website is very comprehensive and covers various different areas related to General Chemistry I and II as well as Fundamentals of Chemistry. It takes you step by step through many chemistry concepts. Also, it provides access to some practice tests.

Additional textbook resources can be found at the Academic Success Center. Just ask a tutor for assistance.

List of resources compiled by peer mentor, Aimee Knoop.