Dashboard Permit Orders

Dashboard permits provide a more efficient way of disbursing parking permits to event participants and guests. A dashboard permit is a document that is emailed from the host department to the participant prior to a campus event. The participant will print the permit and display it on the dashboard of their vehicle during the event. These will be used in place of the One-Day permits for pre-approved events or guests.

After contacting Parking Services regarding the event or guests, the host department will receive a template for creating the permit. All dashboard permits must be approved by Parking Services prior to distribution. Parking Services will also determine where and when the dashboard permits can be used. One-Day dashboard permits cost $4 each.

To order dashboard permits, contact one of the following:

Melissa Williams: mwilli11@kent.edu or 330-672-8480
Parking Services: parking@kent.edu or 330-672-4432