Chris Clevenger

Political Science Major, Class of 2014

Political Science majors aquire a range of what we call "transferrable skills," that is, skills that are applicable across a wide range of careers. Many of our majors go on to work for non-profit organizations or in the private sector. Others build successful careers working in government agencies. Some go to law school. A select few go into politics, running for office or working as lobbyists or political consultants. 

Chris Clevenger is one of those select few. Only a few years after graduating from Kent State, Chris is establishing himself as a political campaign consultant and political party leader.

Christopher Clevenger is the Ohio Young Democrats Communications Director and President of the Portage County Young Democrats. A graduate of Kent State University,  he served as Campaign Manager for Ohio Supreme Court Justice William M. O'Neill in 2012. Christopher has managed races for municipal and appeals courts, for the Ohio House of Representatives, and for the United States House of Representatives. He currently serves as the Deputy Secretary for the Young Democrats of America.

POSTED: Sunday, February 12, 2017 10:52 PM
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