Congratulations to Dr. Ayesgul Keskin Zeren on Recent Appointment!

Dr. Aysegul Keskin Zeren has recently accepted a position as a full-time Visiting Assistant Professor of Conflict Analysis and Transformation in the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. 

Dr. Keskin Zeren will be primarily engaged in the MA in International Peace Studies program, a highly selective graduate program that prepares an internationally diverse group of students for careers as professional peacebuilding practitioners. She will also be a part of the Conflict Analysis and Transformation professional track area which focuses on assessing the nature and dynamics of conflict as well as developing strategies for managing and transforming conflict into more positive relationships, sustainable peace, and just societies. In addition, Aysegul will anchor the year-long Approaches to Conflict Transformation course that trains students in skills ranging from mediation and negotiation to ally roles and systems design. She will also mentor students who are preparing for and engaging in field internships with international peace and justice organizations.

Dr. Keskin Zeren was previously an instructor at the Center for Applied Conflict Management here at Kent State, teaching “Introduction to Conflict Management” and “Reconciliation vs. Revenge: Transitional Justice” courses. Her research interests include transnational and comparative politics and policy, policy analysis and administration, transitional justice, reconciliation and peace-building. Her doctoral dissertation in Political Science at Kent State University focused on transitional justice in Iraq. 

For more details please visit her faculty page by clicking here.