KSU Political Science Professor Plays Central Role in Redistricting Bill

KSU Political Science Professor and Former Ohio State Representative Vernon Sykes and Former State Representative Matt Huffman join Secretary of State, Jon Husted as he signed Issue 1, the constitutional amendment that changes the way we draw legislative districts in Ohio.

Issue 1 will change Ohio's hyper-partisan process for drawing legislative districts, in which the majority party gerrymanders the lines for its own benefit. The current process produces district maps that maximize non-competitive and minimize competitive districts that result in a state legislature that does not reflect the political preferences of Ohio voters. With the passing of Issue 1, there will be a more by-partisan process to draw fairer districts that will be more aligned with the preferences of Ohio voters.

Former state Representatives Matt Huffman, a Republican from Lima, and Vernon Sykes also a Professor of Political Science at Kent State, served as co-chair of Issue 1’s successful campaign, winning the statewide election with 71% of the vote.

At the signing, Professor Sykes was also joined by his entire class.  Secretary Jon Husted made a presentation to the class, and the students had an opportunity to ask  him questions.