Political Science at KSU goes abroad!

Study abroad in CUBA! 

This 5-week FLEX-semester course aims to demystify the island state of Cuba through both the classroom and face-to-face encounters with its people and politics. The  course entails four weeks of course work at Kent State and a ten-day full-immersion study abroad experience in Cuba led by Dr. Mazzei and Dr. Barnes. The FlexSemester is scheduled from March 3-April 14th, and the trip to Cuba is scheduled for Spring Break, 2017.

While still in the United States, students will learn about and discuss several of Cuba’s defining characteristics, including its historically troubled relationship with the United States, the challenges of economic development after the breakdown of the Soviet bloc, and a number of striking successes. Once in Cuba, we will take advantage of formal briefings, and cultural visits. At least as important, we will see how large-scale policy issues affect daily Cuban lives and how Cubans interact with their political and economic systems and the global community. This part of the course will include significant interaction with Cubans at different levels of society, including politicians, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs.

Time on the island will include several days in Havana, a trip to Viñales visit a Tobacco farm to hear about agricultural policy, and to Santa Clara, where we will learn about contemporary housing policy. All parts of the trip will also include visits to important historical sites and opportunities to learn about the island’s history. 

The cost of the trip is still a bit in flux as flight rates to the island change with evolving policy. Click the link below to apply and get updated information, or email Dr. Mazzei (jmazzei@kent.edu) with questions!


POSTED: Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 6:50pm
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