Reasons to Come to Kent State

When I initially solicited students and staff in the department to suggest reasons why KSU was a good place to do graduate work, I did not expect to get such large number of submissions. To group the list into a standard “Top 10 List” seemed silly since the reasons folks offered were so diverse. I opted to list them all in no particular order. Feel free to contact Chris Banks ( for information about the Ph.D. program or Renée Johnson ( for information about the MPA Policy or Management program.

--Mark Cassell (former Graduate Coordinator)

Why study at Kent State University . . .
  • Faculty and staff are very helpful, there’s an open door policy, and students have access to computers and a copier 24/7.
  • You are accepted as an individual, a prospective colleague, a professional, a friend and all at the same time to boot.
  • To see the legendary black squirrels; you have to either come to or move to or paint the ones you have black.
  • Good for family living; has good schools for kids (if students are married).
  • All the competence and only three-quarters the arrogance of a Big Ten school faculty!
  • Academic encouragement to attend conferences (funding is available for graduate students, GSS has international conference funding too and one of our fellow graduate students - Kursad - is in the decision-making committee of the international fund).
  • You've mastered the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.
  • Safety, low crimes and little public nuisance.
  • You're less than 30 minutes from Lebron James' home court.
  • The dept. provides funding for students, and that is important for international students and I guess also for American students, especially doing PhD program.
  • Well organized campus-wide graduate level committees and activities.
  • You can snore in the library and not disturb anyone.
  • Social and other activities: Blossom Music, Rec Center, KSU attends nationwide tournaments in many fields in sports and home games are fun!
  • PhD program gives you a confidence in your field. (I realize this when I go to conferences and talk to graduate students from different universities, there are strengths in our program.)
  • To be able to stay at home or in library in cold weather when you need to study the most and to be able to go out and enjoy excellent weather when everything's over.
  • To challenge the notion that ignorance is bliss.
  • The students are mostly full-time students and they get along well with each other.
  • Diverse program; a good opportunity to learn from each other.
  • There is a mail box for each Ph.D. student in the department. I have the keys to the building, the department and the computer lab.
  • Political Science Graduate Student Association gives a chance to organize your interests within the Department and University wide.
  • KSU Library.
  • Constant tuition increases will allow you to pretend you are at an Ivy League school.
  • Other available free resources for students to develop their everyday academic skills; writing, speaking, 60 minute seminars.
  • To be part of a Great Family with cousins from all over the World.