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Kent State University has established a Business Account with Amazon, to make it easier to purchase goods not otherwise available through a university-contracted vendor. The use of Amazon is not mandated contract. However, if a department needs supplies only available through Amazon, the purchase must be made through the university's Amazon Business Account.

The Amazon Business Account is in accordance with university policy 3342-7-12.1, consistent with the responsible use of university funds and means that P-card purchases at must now be made through the University's Amazon Business Account (UABC). 

The intent of this arrangement is not to add new Amazon users nor to drive new business to Rather, it is intended to provide an additional resource to locate those hard-to-find or specialized items. University requisitioners are encouraged to continue to consult the "Suppliers" section of the Procurement website, as this list remains the source for all goods and services contracted by the university.  Agreements already established for goods and service such as office supplies, copiers, printers, computer equipment, food, scientific supplies, promotional, janitorial supplies and other programs must be utilized.  

In addition, since Amazon collects sales tax on purchases made by all Ohio customers, university purchases are exempt from Ohio sales tax. To maintain the benefit of Kent State’s sales tax exemption, the UABC will help ensure that only business-related transactions are treated as tax-exempt. 

Here are some things you need to know about the UABC:

  • Departments should maximize the use of university contracts found in Flashcart and the Procurement website before considering Amazon.
  • All Amazon purchases must be made under the new UABC and must be made with a P-card.  All Amazon activity will be regularly monitored within the UABC and PaymentNet systems.
  • The UABC must be used only for university business purposes.  No personal purchases on Amazon may be made from a university email address in the UABC. Using this tax-exempt account for personal use is in violation of University policy 3342-7-12.1
  • Due to the shipping advantages of the program, Amazon Prime accounts through the university are no longer necessary or permitted.
  • All business-related expenses procured through the UABC must comply with Kent State policies regarding university expenditures, P-cards, purchasing and internal controls.
  • Purchases from a personal Amazon account are not permitted on a University P-card.

Personal Amazon accounts should be set up with a personal email address, not your email address. Please transfer any personal Amazon accounts associated with your email address to a personal email address (e.g., Google, Yahoo) before accepting the invitation to join the UABC account. How to split your Amazon accounts can be found on the UABC Instruction Document. 

The benefits of the program include free, two-day shipping on eligible orders, pricing and quantity discounts on select items, and access to a specialized Customer Service team.  

More information can be found at

If you are a current Kent State University employee and would like to join the UABC, you need assistance, or have questions not found in the FAQ, please contact the Procurement department at 330-672-2276 or