Action Plan Info and Support

Once the Review Committee Report is received from the external reviewers the unit will have one to two weeks to review the report and request that any factual errors be corrected before the report is accepted.

Action Plan

Once the report is accepted the unit will begin to formulate an Action Plan based on any recommendations from the review committee. To aid the unit in the preparation of an Action Plan a template is provided below. This plan will need to be submitted to the Office of Accreditation, Assessment and Learning (AAL) following the dates below.

Fall Site Visit = DUE January 15
Spring Site Visit = DUE May 30

Action Plan Meeting

When the unit begins working on the Action Plan, the staff of AAL will schedule a meeting between the unit’s representatives, the College Dean, the Senior Associate Provost, and the Assistant Provost of AAL. This meeting is to provide an opportunity to discuss the proposed action plan, and to also express strategic needs and goals of the unit. Following discussion, the Action Plan will be signed. Meetings will take place following the dates below.

Fall Site Visit = Meeting scheduled in February
Spring Site Visit = Meeting scheduled in June