Mission Statement

A mission statement should:

  • Include general values and principles which guide the curriculum of the program
  • Articulate the highest aims, intention and activity of the program
  • Be in alignment with the mission statements of the unit, college and university
  • Note: Program descriptions in the current Kent State catalog can be used for a mission statement in the annual assessment reports.

Suggested structure:

  • The mission of (your program) is to (purpose) by providing (primary function or activity of the program) to (your stakeholders). Additional statements providing supporting information may be included.


  • The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Program is to prepare students for rewarding careers in Biotechnology, and supply the pipeline of skilled workers to fuel the economic development of Ohio. The Program provides a strong academic foundation in the biological sciences and chemistry, as well as providing rigorous training in the specific application of these principles and hands-on experience that is vital for the successful transition from University to the workforce or to further postgraduate education.