Faculty Load and Compensation Questions and Answers

Does the Contract Offer Letter need to be signed by the Instructor in order to assign the course(s)?
When should I add the position and suffix information in SIAASGN?
Will part-time Faculty see their salary information in SSB?
What if there are changes to the assignment or a course is cancelled?
Do we receive notice when the Instructor acknowledges the assignment?
Can non-instructional assignments be processed through FLAC?
Will departments be notified if an Instructor leaves a comment in FLAC?
Do departments need to record workload in the comments of FLAC?
Do departments have to send contracts for every term?
Are faculty notified regarding FLAC records to be acknowledged?
Will we be able to have a record of the Instructors assignment and pay?
Will a new originator or reviewer be able to see prior faculty assignments in FLAC?
Flexible schedule courses do not fit into a set part-of-term structure. What do I use for selecting the contract types?
Does the Reviewer get a notification that a FLAC record is pending and waiting for their review?
If the Instructor does not acknowledge their assignment, does this affect the course information?
Where can I find additional information and job aids?