Focus on World-Class Faculty

Jonathan VanGeest, PhD (Professor, Health Policy and Management) and Dean Sonia Alemagno, PhD co-edited a new book, Research Methods in the Study of Substance Abuse published by Springer International Publishing.  Several of the chapters in this authoritative handbook on widely used research methods were authored by CPH faculty.


Lynn Falletta, PhD is a Research Assistant Professor in the College of Public Health. Her new role involves a balance of research and evaluation projects, engaging students in research, and teaching.  Her research focuses broadly on maternal, infant, and child health. She teaches Public Health Research, Biostatistics, and National Health Reform. 


Deric Kenne, PhD (Assistant Professor, Division of Mental Health and Substance Use Research, Center for Public Policy and Health) and Rebecca Fischbein, PhD (Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, NEOMED) published The Use of Substances Other Than Nicotine in Electronic Cigarettes among College Students in the journal Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment. The research assessed prevalence of e-cigarette use, reasons for use, perceived harm and predictors of other substance use in e-cigarettes in a population of 1542 undergraduate students and indicates an increasing trend in the of use of substances other than a liquid mixture containing nicotine. Because little is known about the effects of using cannabis and other substances in e-cigarettes, the study stresses the need for continued research in this area. Kenne and Fischbein worked with colleagues Andy Tan (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) and Mark Banks (BSPH) (The Ohio State University).


Congratulations to Bethany Lanese, PhD (Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management) who has moved from a non-tenure track to a tenure track faculty position in CPH. In her new role, Lanese is focusing more on research and has transitioned her role as CPH’s director of the online MPH program to Assistant Dean Ken Slenkovich.


Congratulations to Dr. Tina Bhargava who received a Faculty Recognition Award and an award for Best Poster Presentation at the University Teaching Council Conference.


Dr. Tara Smith released a white paper in antibiotic use in animals with a group of international scientists (, had several articles published, and was a sought-after expert by the media. She also contributed an invited book review on “Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats” in Science Magazine.


Nworie A, Azi SO, Okekpa SI, Elom MO, Umoh NO, Usanga VU, Ibiam GA, Ukwah BN, Nwadi LC, Ezeruigbo C, Olayinka BO, Ehinmidu JO, Onalopo JA, Hanson BM, Wardyn SE, Smith TC. A Novel Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus t11469 and a Poultry Endemic Strain t002 (ST5) is Present in Chicken in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Biomedical Research International, in press, 2017.

Wardyn SE, Stegger M, Price LB, Smith TC. Whole genome analysis of recurrent Staphylococcus aureus t571/ST398 infection in an Iowa Farmer. Emerging Infectious Diseases, in press, 2017. 

Carrel M, Zhao C, Thapaliya D, Bitterman P, Kates AE, Hanson BM, Smith TC. Assessing the potential for raw meat to influence human colonization with Staphylococcus aureus. Scientific Reports, in press, 2017.

Smith TC. Industrializing Animals. Science, in press, 2017. 

Nachman K, Lam J, Schinasi L, Smith TC, Feingold B, Casey J. O’Connor et al. systematic review regarding animal feeding operations and public health: critical flaws may compromise conclusions. Systematic Reviews, in press, 2017.

Smith TC. Vaccine rejection and hesitancy: a review and call to action. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, in press, 2017.


Quoted at CIDRAP, WHO calls for an end to antibiotic use in healthy animals.
Quoted in Self magazine, A Woman Claims She Got Herpes From Sephora Lipstick Samples.
Featured on Northwest Nerd's podcast: zombie roundtable
Featured on Cara Santa Maria's "Talk Nerdy" podcast. 
Featured on American Society for Microbiology's "Meet the Microbiologist" podcast.
Featured on Voices for Vaccine's podcast.  
Featured on Science for the People's podcast. 
Interviewed at CIDRAP, Report outlines steps to reduce antibiotic use on the farm


John Hoornbeek, PhD (Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management) and his colleagues have been busy publishing their work.  In addition to CPH staff member, Josh Filla, MPA, CPH graduate students Edward Chiyaka (PhD candidate) and Soumya Yalamanchili (MPH) co-authored several publications:


Hoornbeek, John and B. Guy Peters.  2017. “Understanding Policy Problems:  A Refinement of Past Work”, in Special Issue of Policy and Society, Routledge Taylor & Francis, pp. 365-384 published online September 11, link:


Hoornbeek, John, Joshua Filla, and Soumya Yalamanchili. 2017. “Watershed Based Policy Tools for Reducing Nutrient Flows to Surface Waters: Addressing Nutrient Enrichment and Harmful Algal Blooms in the United States”, accepted and forthcoming in Fordham University Environmental Law Review.


Joshua Filla, Edward Chiyaka, Pam Ferguson, and John Hoornbeek. 2017. Smoke Free Housing Evaluation Year 3 Report, the KSU Evaluation Bureau and Center for Public Policy and Health, for the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), September 25.


Edward Chiyaka, Joshua Filla, Pam Ferguson, and John Hoornbeek. 2017. Pathways Innovative Intervention Assessment Report, the KSU Evaluation Bureau and Center for Public Policy and Health, for the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), July 8.


Joshua Filla, Edward Chiyaka, Pam Ferguson, and John Hoornbeek. 2017. Smoke Free Housing Evaluation Year 2 Report, the KSU Evaluation Bureau and Center for Public Policy and Health, for the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), June 7, 2017. 


Melissa Zullo, PhD (Associate Professor, Epidemiology) co-authored a number of articles on her principal area of research – cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular risk factors.  Zullo also received the Distinguished Abstract Award from the Midwest Nursing Research Society.


Dolansky MA, Zullo PhD, MPH, Josephson RA. The Rehabilitation Continuum from Hospital to Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Study of 147,000 Medicare Beneficiaries. Midwest Nursing Research Society Conference. Minneapolis, MN April 2017.


Zullo, Melissa D. PhD, MPH, MA; Gathright, Emily C. PhD, MA; Dolansky, Mary A. RN, PhD; Josephson, Richard A. MS, MD; Cheruvu, Vinay K. PhD, MS, MSc; Hughes, Joel W. PhD. Influence of Depression on Utilization of Cardiac Rehabilitation Postmyocardial Infarction: A STUDY OF 158 991 MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention: January 2017 - Volume 37 - Issue 1 - p 22–29.

Zullo, Melissa D. PhD, MPH, MA; Dolansky, Mary A. PhD, RN; Josephson, Richard A. MS, MD; Cheruvu, Vinay K. PhD, MS, MSc.  PGD-MISCA Older Adult Attendance in Cardiac Rehabilitation: IMPACT OF FUNCTIONAL STATUS AND POSTACUTE CARE AFTER ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION IN 63 092 MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention: June 30, 2017.


Julie T. Schaefer PhD, RDMelissa D.Zullo PhD, MPH. US Registered Dietitian Nutritionists’ Knowledge and Attitudes of Intuitive Eating and Use of Various Weight Management Practices Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Volume 117, Issue 9, September 2017, Pages 1419-1428.

Aditya Khetan, Raghunandan Purushothaman, Melissa Zullo PhD, MPH, Rishab Gupta, Vittal Hejjaji, Sushil Agarwal, Sri Krishna Madan Mohan, Richard Josephson. Rationale and design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effects of a community health worker–based program for cardiovascular risk factor control in India. Publication date 2017/3/31. American heart journal. Volume 185 Pages 161-172.


Aditya Khetan, Melissa Zullo PhD, MPH, Vittal Hejjaji, Dweep Barbhaya, Sushil Agarwal, Rishab Gupta, Sri Krishna Madan Mohan, Richard Josephson. Prevalence and pattern of cardiovascular risk factors in a population in India. Publication date 2017/9/1. Heart Asia. Volume 9. Issue 2 Pages e010931.


Dr. Lynn Falleta (Research Assistant Professor) had two new publications and was a panelist for the Summit County Maternal Depression Network Second Annual Training Event on the topic of the current climate for maternal mental health in August, 2017. County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board. Akron, Ohio.


Nicholas, L., Fischbein, R.L., Falletta, L., & Baughman, K. Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and maternal symptomatology: An analysis of frequency, type and patients’ reporting complaints (2017). The Journal of Patient Experience, 1-6.


Falletta, L., Fischbein, R., Bhamidipalli, S.S., & Nicholas, L. Depression, anxiety, and mental health services experiences of women with a Twin-twin Transfusion Syndrome pregnancy (2017). Archives of Women’s Mental Health, 1-9.

Dr. Mark Dalman (Assistant Professor) published the following, including several co-authored by Dr. Tara Smith:

Deeter, A., Dalman, M.R., Haddad, J., and Duan, Z.H., 2017. Inferring gene/ protein interactions using PubMed citations and consensus Bayesian networks. PLOS ONE. PONE-D-17-15222R2.


Kates, A., Dalman, M.R., Torner, J. and Smith, T.C., 2017. The Nasal and Oropharyngeal Microbiomes of Healthy Livestock Workers. bioRxiv, p.145029.


Kates, A., Dalman, M.R., Torner, J. and Smith, T.C., 2017. A Cross-Sectional Study of Staphylococcus aureus Colonization And The Nasal And Oropharyngeal Microbiomes. bioRxiv, p.145540.


Thapaliya, D., Dalman, M.R., Kadariya, J., Little, K., Mansell, V., Taha, M., Grenier, D., and Smith, T. 2017. Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus in Goose Feces from State Parks in Northeast Ohio. EcoHealth, 1-7.


Thapaliya, D., Taha, M., Dalman, M.R., Kadariya, J., and Smith, T. C., 2017. Environmental contamination with Staphylococcus aureus at a large, Midwestern university campus. The Science of the total environment, 599, 1363.


Cindy Widuck, MPH (Lecturer, Social & Behavioral Sciences), received the Kent State University Faculty Student Service Award. The award recognizes faculty members who commit their time and talents to creating high-impact service-learning experiences, such as experiential learning and service-oriented courses, community-based research opportunities, and other similar academic offerings. A panel of judges reviewed nominations and chose Widuck for demonstrating best practices and excellence in community-based learning methods in the following areas: enhancing student academic and civic learning through community engagement; developing reciprocal and mutually beneficial community partnerships; and supporting students’ critical reflective activities that are supported by learning theory.


Tom Brewer, PhD (Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management) was awarded board certification in healthcare compliance from the Compliance Certification Board (CCB). This process involves demonstration of training and professional experience in healthcare compliance, ongoing continuing education, and passing a rigorous national examination.  Founded by the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA)® in 1998, the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) exists to develop criteria for the determination of competence in the practice of healthcare compliance at a variety of levels and to recognize individuals meeting these criteria.


Heather Beaird, PhD (Assistant Professor, Epidemiology) and Abby Eng, PhD (Assistant Professor, Biostatistics) were awarded a Summer Teaching Development Grant by the University Teaching Council to create an online resource for students on the use of statistical software.


Sam Rubens, Adjunct Instructor in the College of Public Health, Administrator of the Akron Regional Air Quality Management District (ARAQMD), and Assistant Director of Environmental Health at Summit County Public Health, has added the title of co-President of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) to his list of accomplishments.  NACAA is the national, nonpartisan, non-profit association of air pollution control agencies. It encourages the exchange of information, enhances communication and cooperation among federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, and promotes good management of air resources.