Faculty Spotlight: Cindy Widuck, MPH

Cindy Widuck

After 12 years with the College of Public Health, Cindy Widuck is retiring from her role as associate lecturer in May 2024.

What do you do at Kent State’s College of Public Health?

I teach and work with the community. I teach a variety of classes but mostly community outreach and development. I try to incorporate active learning into my classes. My favorite class is always service learning. It is such a great class to guide students through public health projects, civic responsibilities, and personal growth.

What is your latest research/project?

I started a community/school garden with my community public health practice class in 2018. That project has grown to be a nonprofit promoting Farm to School programs with the local schools. The Let’s Grow Together Coalition includes various professionals from the university, the city, and the local schools, along with social service organizations. It is a great group of people that are always working tirelessly to educate our students at the university and the K-12 schools. It is fully run by volunteers, interns and student community partner advocates from Kent State University Community Engaged Learning.   

The K-12 students have access to garden-based learning while the university students get the opportunity to work in their field of study while helping the community. We typically have communications, public health, business, and geography students working on programs. The students run fundraising, communications, programs, education, and gardens. 

Favorite teaching moment?

I have so many. My favorite moments are centered around mentoring. I recently reconnected with an MPH graduate who is now employed in public health. She was so grateful for the time I took to mentor her. I have students that have told me they would not have graduated without my mentoring. This is what brings me joy. Knowing they completed their degrees and are gainfully employed in their field of study. I know, as a first-generation student, that a college degree is a great step to independence and a fulfilling work life.

If you could have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick and why?

My calendar - I need to look at this frequently. I have a varied schedule and the only way I keep up with my schedule is to have it at my fingertips.

New York Times - I need trustworthy news and I feel it is important to stay informed to be a good citizen and mentor.

Facebook - This helps me keep up with local businesses and events. I also love the Reels and TikToks that make me laugh and think.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day? 

It changes depending on the season. In the spring through the fall, it is gardening. In the winter, I puzzle, crochet, draw, mosaic, paint, and fix things.

 What is the last TV show or book that you read? 

My favorite show had to be Ted Lasso! I just loved the humor and kindness of this show.

Complete the following sentence: “Key elements of leadership include:”

Listen, motivate, be genuine. 

 What is something that you are looking forward to both personally and professionally? 

Professionally and personally, I want to continue to work for my community. I want to get more involved with the Climate Action Plan.

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POSTED: Monday, March 18, 2024 03:32 PM
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