Spring 2018 Awards

The College of Public Health presented Distinguished Student Awards at the 2018 Spring Award Ceremony:

BSPH Awardees

  • Alison Harmatz
  • Jason Zibart

MPH Awardees

  • Isha Grover
  • Morgan Murphy
  • Joy Yala

PhD Awardees

  • Lauren Birmingham
  • Rachael Nolan


2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium Awards:

Tara Arrington, Anora Burke, Antoine French, and Sheena Hanley won first place in the 2018 Kent State University Undergraduate Research Symposium for their poster and project on Housing Insecurity at Kent State University. Their faculty mentor was Cindy Widuck, MPH.

Theodore Russel won second prize for his poster on his research on Reducing Stigma and Building Intragroup Relationships with the Positive Peers Mobile HIV Support Application. His faculty mentor was Mary Step, PhD.

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