Student Spotlight: Elton Sunnyway

Former nursing student makes his way to public health and found his passion.

After a bit of a windy road and some key helping hands, Elton Sunnyway has a smile on his face as he contemplates his future. “I feel excited. I’m so happy I made the switch to the Kent State University College of Public Health and I found my confidence and I have patience with myself,” said Sunnyway. 

A first-generation college student, Sunnyway came to Kent as a transfer student from Bowling Green and is originally from Liberia. According to him, some critical changes happened after first meeting Shaunte Rouse, academic diversity officer for the College of Public Health. After hearing his story and his goals, Rouse introduced Sunnyway to CPH Career Ambassador Matthew Stefanak, who listened and made recommendations and made further introductions for him, leading to a placement in the Kent State “Columbus Program in State Issues” and internships with the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus and PrimaryOne Health. He’s grateful for this hands-on experience which has built his networking skills.

Group of students and administrators

 “Matt Stefanak went out of his way to help me. He introduced me to a lot of new people I would have never met on my own,” Sunnyway said. “I have one-on-one meetings with CEOs in my internship and these leaders are providing guidance, teaching, and challenging me,” continued Sunnyway. 

 Sunnyway recommends new students to get involved as much as they can. “As a student, I became involved in the Black United Students, Kent African Student Association, Male Empowerment Network as well as Club Basketball and Football,” he explained.

Group of people at outdoor outing

 “As I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in public health and contemplate my future in graduate studies, I realize that I’m leading by example for my two younger brothers. To my brothers and other public health students, I say keep trying and never give up,” Sunnyway concluded.

POSTED: Thursday, May 11, 2023 03:38 PM
Updated: Thursday, May 11, 2023 03:44 PM