Shaunte Rouse Nominated for Academic Advisor of the Year by CPH Undergraduates

Shaunte Rouse was nominated for the 2017 Dr. Terry Kuhn Distinguished Undergraduate Advising Award for academic advising excellence by undergraduate CPH students for her confidence-boosting and calming influence as well as her mentoring abilities.

The award was created by Dr. Kuhn and colleagues “to enhance awareness about the critical role of advising, to call attention to the excellent work being performed by academic and faculty advisors throughout the university, and, ultimately, to improve the quality of academic advising.” Dr. Kuhn recognized that outstanding classroom instruction and excellent academic advising together are critical elements of student success. In the way that outstanding classroom instruction is recognized by the Distinguished Teacher Award (DTA), he felt that the paramount role of academic advising also should be recognized, hence the Distinguished Undergraduate Advising Award was created. The award is given annually to full-time advisors and faculty advisors nominated by students.