House Bill 1219

The Ohio Campus Disruption Act, commonly referred to as "House Bill 1219", is explained in Ohio Revised Code sections 3345.22 and 3345.23. The purpose of the law is to protect university students, faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community from crimes of violence committed in the vicinity of the university or upon people or property at the university.

A House Bill 1219 hearing is appropriate when a student is arrested for a crime of violence committed on or near the University. If a student is convicted of an offense of violence that occurred on or near the University, the student will be automatically suspended for no less than one (1) calendar year under revised code 3345.23

A "crime of violence" is defined in revised code 2901.01

*Along with using Kent State University policy and procedures (KSU Code of Student Conduct), the following resources have been directly utilized, paraphrased from, and/or conceptually applied to the House Bill 1219 procedures: Ohio Revised CodeUniversity of Akron Student Conduct and Community Standards.

A flowchart depiction of the 1219 process is below.  If you cannot view it, try opening the House Bill 1219 Flowchart on a new page.

House Bill 1219 flowchart

Text-Only version of the House Bill 1219 Flowchart for screen reader users