Kent State University is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment free from discrimination, gender/sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking and intimate partner violence.  This is a university-wide effort with collaboration from numerous offices.

This effort includes but is not limited to: the office of the president, the office of the provost, the division of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the office of sexual and relationship violence support services, the student multicultural center, the LGBTQ student center, the women’s  center, the dean of students, the center for student involvement, the Kent student center, counseling and psychological services, Title IX deputy and coordinators, the athletic department, student governments, and more.  Kent State University’s goals are to provide prevention efforts to increase awareness and knowledge, support services for accusers and accused students (that may or may lead to criminal or campus adjudication), and appropriate due process.


Gender / Sexual Harassment policies may be found in the University Policy Register and the Code of Student Conduct.

Green Dot Program

Learn about the Green Dot

Resources for Complainant (accusing student)

Sexual & Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS)

The SRVSS website has links to resources on campus, in the community, and online.


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Resources for Respondent (accused student)

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


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Reporting Options for Complainant

It is not a requirement or expectation that a person identifying as a victim or survivor of an act of gender/sexual harassment submits any type of report.  Individuals desiring to, please contact any one of the following: