Most Popular Twitter Accounts

This list of most popular Twitter accounts was compiled as a quick reference guide for the social media community at Kent State due to the likelihood of interaction with these specific accounts. These accounts were chosen for this list based on their substantial number of followers and the list is not an all-encompassing list of Kent State Twitter accounts. Use this list as a verification tool before retweeting, replying to or mentioning one of these Kent State Twitter handles. If the account you're looking for isn't included in this list, refer to the social media directory.

Two example tweets are below – an adequate example and a preferred example. The difference between the two is that the Stark Campus is properly mentioned in the preferred example. Since the adequate tweet example doesn't include the @KentStateStark handle, the Stark Campus may miss this tweet and the opportunity to engage with it. 

Adequate example: Great pictures from the festival last weekend, @KentState Stark!

Preferred example: Great pictures from the festival last weekend, @KentStateStark!

Primary Accounts
  • Kent State - @KentState
  • Kent State Media & News - @ksunews
  • Alumni - @KSUalumni
  • Athletics - @KentStAthletics
Regional Campuses
  • Ashtabula Campus - @kentstate_ash (note: underscore between "kentstate" and "ash")
  • Columbiana County Campuses: East Liverpool & Salem - @KentStateELandSalem
  • Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Center - @KSUGeaugaTAC
  • Stark Campus - @KentStateStark
  • Trumbull Campus - @KentTrumbull
  • Tuscarawas Campus - @KSUTusc
Twitter Support

If you have questions about this list or Twitter in general, email Deanna Stevens Ulrich,  Director of Digital Content.