Social Media Action Committee (SMAC)


Committee Purpose

Kent State University’s internal Social Media Action Committee (SMAC) is dedicated to educating Kent State’s Social Media User Group (SMUG) on the strength of social media as a marketing vehicle and engagement platform. The committee ensures that governance, best practices, Kent State’s brand/image and social messaging are unified across the university and platforms. The committee has the following goals:

  1. Research and discuss new social media issues and trends, and evaluate the applicability of these advances for Kent State.
  2. Identify and create new content, plans and social media campaigns that would apply to and engage Kent State’s online community.
  3. Support the Kent State community in the use of social media, focusing on best practices.
  4. Assist with implementing the university’s policy and guidelines, and strive to enhance compliance.
  5. Improve the cohesiveness of the university’s social messaging and social brand.


The committee includes 30 representatives from across the university, including faculty, staff and students.

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