October social media recap

Last month was a great month for Kent State and we’d like to share a recap of our social media activity!

Let’s start with Instagram.

This beautiful picture of the fall scenery reflected atop the May 4 Memorial near Taylor Hall at the Kent Campus had the highest engagement of any Instagram post this past month, with 1,071 likes.

Another post with high engagement was celebrating our beloved mascot, Flash’s birthday! It collected 988 likes. You can read more about this piece of content in this blog post

You know we love our campus scenery! That’s why we weren’t surprised when our top Facebook last month matched our top Instagram post. This gorgeous Photo of the Week ended up receiving 351 reactions. Remember to follow our accounts each Friday to see what we have to feature that week. 

And, we can never show too much love for our mascot, Flash! Our top performing post on Twitter was Flash’s birthday surprise video mentioned above, which received 205 likes!

Throughout the month of October, we covered a variety of events throughout campus. Various athletics events, Preview KSU, Fall Fest and more! Here’s a screenshot from one of our top performing stories, with a total of 1,029 views on Snapchat and 3,760 views on Instagram, from the Fall 2019 Grad Fair.

The month of October was an overall successful month for Kent State social media! Our Instagram account saw the biggest growth with more than 500 new with followers, bringing our total to more than 23,800. Our Twitter account gained more than 160 new followers and our Facebook page added 150 followers. 

Be sure to keep up with our different social channels throughout the year to see what’s going on around Kent State!


POSTED: Monday, November 18, 2019 - 3:18pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 12:37pm
Christine Padrid