Degree Completion Resources and FAQs

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Browse the list below of relevant financial aid/scholarship information as well as support and success resources. A degree completion expert can provide guidance on how to access and utilize these services.  

Financial Resources

Financial Aid and Scholarships
State of Ohio

The State of Ohio offers the return to college programs and funding opportunities below:

Additional Resources 

Kent State offers a variety of services to assist you with career guidance E- tutoring, writing assistance and life events. We offer opportunities for you to connect with other students pursuing their degrees and managing their personal lives. Explore our services and learn more. Our degree completion experts can also provide guidance to assist you in accessing a service of interest to you.   

Adult Learners

Are you a future adult or veteran student at Kent State University? We're among the best colleges for veterans and adults. Find all of the resources you need as you begin your transition.


Start the online application on the admissions website. To see what classes are available, access the Undergraduate catalog.

Take a self-guided tour using the Kent State Admissions app.

Student Financial Aid

Find more information about federal financial aid.

Career Exploration and Development

Find personal assistance with career planning including resume writing, interviewing and job search skills. Also, accelerate your degree progress by testing out of classes through CLEP, the College Level Examination Program.

Lactation Rooms

The above link lists all the places with lactation rooms at the Kent Campus and across our entire regional campus system.

Get Involved

Kent State University offers many opportunities for students to become active participants on campus. Adult students can organize as an official student group and provide services and activities of interest to the membership. So far, three such organizations exist at Kent State’s Kent Campus. Students can participate in these organizations in face-to-face and virtual spaces. Please contact the Center for Adult and Veteran Services at 330-672-7933 for more information.

Kent State University Veterans Club

This association was designed to bring veterans of all ages, races and majors together. It remains consistently important to draw attention to veteran issues, and to pursue camaraderie, commitment, friendship and leadership while a student at Kent State.

Resource Videos for Adult Learners



This group is the campus outreach component of the LIFE program for single parents. Family activities are offered during the academic year that are parent- and child-friendly. 


This group offers support for families, friends and significant others of military personnel. They help raise awareness about military personnel and their unique needs.


Check out this page for helpful tips on how to balance family life with working towards a graduate degree.


This Facebook group offers support and information for the families of students.


Support and Success Resources
  • Accessibility Services
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • Mental Health Resources and Support
  • Writing Assistance - Are you a little nervous about writing that first paper? You are not the only one. Here are some resources to help you get back into the swing of things.
  • Schedule an Online Writing Lab Appointment - To send your paper to the Writing Commons. Your appointment will be scheduled with a tutor (if an appointment is available) who will provide in-depth feedback regarding your concerns as stated when you submitted your paper. An OWL appointment does not require you to come to the fourth floor of the library or to be online during the appointment time.
  • Schedule a Google Chat Appointment - Much like an in-person session, your tutor will collaborate with you to improve your writing skills. You will not need to come to the fourth floor of the library, but you will need to be on your KSU Gmail account for the duration of the
  • Citation Tools (i.e., APA Style, MLA Style, etc.)
  • E-Tutoring
  • Log onto Flashline - Online system used to access online classes, Kent State email, financial aid information, pay tuition, etc.
  • Commencement/Graduation - This is the go-to site for information regarding Kent State University’s graduation ceremony. You will find information on ordering your cap and gown, how to RSVP for the ceremony, graduation tickets, etc.
Associate Degrees

If you have college credits but have not obtained an official degree, you may be able to leverage those credits and earn an associate degree. This may allow you to complete a degree in less time and earn a credential to assist you in your career before you complete a bachelor’s degree. 

  • The Associate of Arts - The Associate of Arts degree is a generalist program that serves many purposes. The degree serves students who want a broad education by sampling a variety of different subject areas, who are planning to complete a bachelor's degree program, or who want to advance their careers by holding a degree. Because of the general nature of the program, students may specialize in a particular field of study that will meet their specific educational needs. 
  • The Associate of Science  - The Associate of Science degree is a generalist program that serves many purposes. The degree allows students who want a broad education with access to a variety of subjects, which creates an opportunity to personalize their experience. Because of the general nature of the program, students may specialize in a particular field of study that will meet their specific educational needs. 
  • The Associate of Technical Study (A.T.S.) - The Associate of Technical Study degree is an individualized program that is open to students who need a specially designed course of study in a technical field. The program consists of courses that allow students to meet their career goals. Course requirements are planned with a faculty advisor's help and must be approved by the dean of the College of Applied and Technical Studies. 

To find out if you can earn an associate degree as you pursue your bachelor’s, talk with one of our degree completion experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply?

Once you have gathered the information you need to make your degree decision you will do one of two things:

  1. If you have taken classes since leaving Kent State, complete a transfer application:
  2. If you have not taken any classes since leaving Kent State, complete the reenrollment form:
What bachelor’s degree Can I Major In?
I’m not sure if I am able to commit to complete a bachelor’s degree, are there any other options?

Kent State has a variety of certificates and associate degrees to select from. You can view all of our options on our Majors and Degrees page:

I have earned more than 60 credit hours, are there any credentials I can receive that will not require more coursework?

Kent State has three associate degrees that have been designed to fit the life of working adults. It is possible you may have completed the required coursework for one of these programs.

What Does It Cost To Attend?

Tuition and fee amounts are updated annually. Please visit the Tuition and Fees  web page for tuition information:

Where can I file my FAFSA?

You can file your FAFSA through the U.S. Department of Education:

Does Kent State have any scholarships I can apply for?

Yes, Kent State offers a variety of scholarships for all of our students. Start your scholarship search here:

Do You Offer Any Online Classes?

Yes, we offer a variety of online classes for you to choose. We also have on-campus, and evening classes.

I work full time and have a family. Will I have enough time to complete my degree?

Kent State has designed three degree completion programs to fit the life of working adults. We know how important getting your degree is, but we also know how important your other commitments are. That's why our coursework is delivered in a format that will allow you to be a student and still fulfill your other commitments.

Do You Grant Credit For Military Training?

Yes, Kent State University does grant military credit. For more information about this please visit our Center for Adult and Veteran Services.

How Much Transfer Credit Do You Accept?

We accept all college level transfer credit from an accredited institution. To earn a Kent State bachelor’s degree 30 credit hours must be completed through Kent State University.

How Do I Know Which Courses Will Transfer to Kent State?

All college-level courses taken at a regionally accredited Ohio college or university will transfer with a grade of D or better if taken fall 2005 and later. Ohio courses taken prior to fall 2005 will transfer with a grade of C or better. All college-level courses taken at a regionally accredited non-Ohio college or university and international credit will transfer with a grade of D or better if taken fall 2010 and later. Prior to fall 2010, out of state courses and international credit will transfer with a grade of C or better. 

To find out how courses you have taken at your previous institution(s) will transfer to Kent State, view the Transfer Credit Guide. This information is published and updated to help you see how your prior learning will transfer. 

Who should I contact if I have questions?

You can contact a degree completion expert at