Mission and Diversity Statements | Kent State University

Mission and Diversity Statements


CCI Kent State's mission is to educate students to meet their individual goals as well as the needs of society. Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels promotes the development and application of theoretical foundations and creative experiences through interaction with a dedicated faculty of scholars and professionals.


The goal of CCI Kent State is to promote and facilitate the teaching, study and criticism of the principles and practices of communication and information, as defined by the four Schools that comprise the College. The faculty and staff of CCI understand that diversity enriches the understanding, analysis and use of communication and information.  Further, the faculty and staff acknowledge that communication and information can be understood and effectively practiced only to the extent that ideas from all spokespersons and perspectives are voiced and valued. Scholarship and learning within CCI therefore demand an appreciation of diversity within and among cultures.  CCI therefore commits itself to becoming an academic unit in which all persons may fully participate.