Cubing is a tool to look at one thing from six (each side of a cube) different ways.  Often we think about a topic in one or two ways alone, preventing us from fully understanding its complexity.  Cubing also allows you to focus on each side a bit longer than you may have with other forms of brainstorming.  This is a good strategy to make new connections to your topic.


Use these six starters to develop ideas about your topic.  It may lead you to develop a strong topic.

  • Describe it.
  • Compare it.
  • Associate it.
  • Analyze it.
  • Apply it.
  • Argue for and against it.



Describe It

  • Dogs are mammals
  • They are a variety of shapes
  • They can be a variety of colors
  • Some are bred to be hunters
  • Some dogs are used in professional aspects
  • Dogs can be loyal

Compare It

  • Dogs are similar to wolves
  • But are not quite as similar as foxes, or coyotes
  • Dogs differ from their ancestors in their instinct and playfulness
  • Dogs are known to mimic their owners

Associate It

  • We associate dogs as man's best friend
  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Lovable
  • Instinctive

Analyze It

  • What makes a good dog?
  • What makes a dog a good pet?
  • What makes a dog a good training dog?

Apply It

  • Dogs are a distant relative of a wolf and use similar instincts and loyalty traits
  • Dogs are used in multiple facets of life

Argue For or Against It

  • Dogs are necessary in many professions
  • Dogs are essential for happiness in families
  • Dogs make life more enjoyable
  • Dogs are great for therapy
  • Dogs cause more harm than they're worth
  • Dogs aren't as loyal as cats