The John C. Tamplin Award for Excellence in Writing Center Work

The Tamplin Award is given annually to recognize the excellent work of Writing Commons tutors and to honor the outstanding contributions of Writing Commons tutors of the intellectual life of the university.  

Who is eligible for the Tamplin Award?

Any undergraduate tutor working in the Kent campus Writing Commons who is in good standing is eligible to be nominated.

Who may nominate a tutor for the Tamplin Award?

Any KSU student, faculty member, staff member, or member of the community who has had interaction with the tutor in his or her capacity as a Writing Commons employee may nominate a tutor for this award. (However, employees of the Writing Commons may not make nominations.) 

Nominate a Tutor

Nominations will be accepted until 5PM on Frifay, February 18, 2022.

About the Tamplin Award

The Tamplin Award was established by Kent State University alumnus John C. Tamplin, who, after retiring from a distinguished career as a professor of British Romantic Poetry and Technical Writing, volunteered his time as a tutor in the Writing Commons for many years.  Since retiring from his tutoring role, Professor Tamplin has continued to support the Writing Commons by establishing a fund that finances tutors’ conference presentation travel and by establishing an annual award for tutoring excellence. 

Donate to the Tamplin Fund

Thank you for nominating a tutor!


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