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Why Schedule an Appointment?

Our sessions can fill up quickly, especially at busy times of the semester. We take drop-ins throughout the day when consultants are open, but scheduling ahead guarantees you a specific time slot and a set session length. Scheduling saves you time waiting for a drop-in session to open.

Any Writing, Any Stage

Our writing consultants can help you generate ideas to write about, format your lab report, create an outline for a speech, overcome writer's block on your research draft, review a cover letter with you, and much more. No matter your project or progress, a writing consultant can help you work through it.  

For Students, By Students 

Our consultants are undergraduate and graduate students from many disciplines, providing peer-to-peer feedback from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We we promise a nonjudgmental experience with your consultant, and a thoughtful discussion where you will be heard. Our writing consultants are trained to help you become a better writer through discussion and questions.  

Which Appointment type is Right for Me?

In-Person Meetiing

Choose the "In Person" option when you sign up, and your consultant will be waiting to meet you in person at our physical Writing Commons location! Arrive to the fourth floor of the library at your scheduled start time to talk one-to-one with your writing consultant.

Google Meeting

Choose the "Google Meeting" option and your writing consultant will email you an invitation to join an online Google Meeting using Kent State University Google Meet. Click the link in the invitation email to join the meeting, and start talking with your writing consultant!

Teams Meeting

Choose the "Teams Meeting" option and your writing consultant will email you an invitation to join an online Teams Meeting using Kent State University Microsoft Teams. Click the link in the invitation email to join the meeting, and start talking with your writing consultant!

Google Meetings and Teams Meetings are live online interactteractions. Your writing consultant will collaborate with you live to help you improve your writing strategies, to offer reader feedback and support, and to find resources with you. You will need to be on your Kent State University email to open our invitations to these online meetings. You and your writing consultant can share files and interact much as you would in an in-person session.

Email Feedback

Schedule Email Feedback to schedule a session online, without having to be present at the Writing Commons or to be online with your writing consultant at the time of the session. In order to schedule an email session you will be asked to provide substantial information about your draft and about your writing process. The information we require you to send us takes the place of the give-and-take of conversation in an in-person session with a writing consultant, so please give us as much information as you can. 

Email Feedback sessions have the same goals as in-person sessions: to help you become productive and successful as a writer! The Writing Commons is not a proofreading service, and we cannot edit and proofread for you. We can, instead, help you locate resources, and notice patterns so that you can learn to edit and proofread for yourself. Everyone at the university must be confident that students are doing their own work, and that work includes the work of editing and proofreading.


How to Schedule an Appointment

How to Self Schedule

Students can schedule their own sessions through our appointment scheduler. For additional help, please watch the video or call us at 330-672-1787.

View the Scheduling Video


How to Email Us a Draft for feedback

Fill in our online submission form and attach your draft. We will take it from there! If all the information we need is included on your submission form, no other action is needed on your part. We will schedule your draft for feedback with the next available consultant. We will send you your feedback shortly after the email feedback session ends. For additional help scheduling an email session, please watch the video, or call us at 3300-672-1787.

View the Email Feedback Submission Video


How to work with us as a Walk-In (without an appointment)

Writers are welcome at the Writing Commons for a session anytime, even when all the appointments are filled on our session scheduler. Walk-in sessions are given on a first come, first serve basis, as consultants become available. Writers may need to wait until a writing consultant becomes available. Walk-in sessions are usually less than 45 minutes, as they occur in between other booked sessions. We encourage students to schedule sessions to be sure they can have a full 45-minute session. 

Please Note: Your writing consultant may be observed for training and professional development purposes by another member of our staff during your session. If you have questions or concerns about this practice, please contact us at