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OWL Appointments


  • Follow the instructions below to submit your draft to the Online Writing Lab.
  • We will send you an email to confirm the date and time when one of our tutors will read your draft and provide feedback.
  • You will receive your feedback by email shortly after the session time.

Online Writing Lab appointments allow you to receive feedback on your writing without having to come to the Writing Commons.

Note: Our Online Writing Lab appointment slots fill up quickly! We recommend that you schedule at least a week in advance of your deadline.


To submit a draft, please copy and paste all of the questions below into an email, and answer each question in as much detail as possible.  After answering all of the questions, attach the document you wish to submit to the email, and send it to us at writing@kent.edu.

Please set the subject of your email as: [OWL Submission] Lastname, Firstname

Copy and Paste the following form into your email:

1. KSU Email: @kent.edu

2. Phone Number:

3. Class Standing (e.g., Freshman, Junior, Graduate):

4. Major:

5. Course Title:

6. Course Number (e.g., ENG 21011):

7. Instructor:

8. Due Date:

9. What type of paper are you writing? (Please be specific!):

10. Report sent to instructor? (yes or no):

11. If yes, please supply your professor's email:

12. Is English your first language? (yes or no):

13. If not, what is your first language?:

14. How did you hear about the Writing Commons? (e.g., website, instructor, friend):

15. What specific concerns do you want your tutor to help you with? For example, do you want help with . . . generating ideas, explaining and supporting your ideas, organizing your ideas?

16. At what stage of the Writing Process are you right now for this paper? For example, are you  . . . brainstorming/free writing, researching, outlining, starting a rough draft, finishing a rough draft, revising, completing the final paper?

17. What is your working thesis, or overall main idea, in this paper?  If you are not sure what your main idea is, what are a few of the most important ideas you want readers to understand from your paper?

18. Which section of your paper was the easiest to write? For example, was it easier to write your opening than the later sections of your paper?  Do you feel like the ideas in some paragraphs came to you more easily than others?  Was the ending easy to write?

19. Which section of your paper was the most difficult to write? For example, was the introduction harder to write than the middle sections?  Did you find the conclusion difficult?  Are there parts of your paper where you felt you were running out of things to say, or where you the writing felt choppy or disorganized?

20. Where in your paper would you like your tutor to focus?  For example the introduction, the conclusion, specific page or paragraph numbers, certain sections?

21. You may now attach your document (.doc, .docx, or .ppt) to this email.


If you have not provided enough information on the submission form, the session will not be scheduled, and our office staff will contact you for further information.  

Remember that you are not required to come to the Writing Commons for an Online Writing Lab appointment.