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Welcome to the faculty section of our site.

This section is designed with you and your needs in mind. We know teaching writing is often a difficult, yet rewarding process. We also know how important it can be to see how other people approach the various facets of writing and teaching writing to students, peers, and others. This section is growing and can grow even more with your contributions. What strategies have you used? Do you know of a great tool others might find useful? Let us know!

About Us

The Writing Commons, which is the university writing center, is located in room 418-H on the fourth floor of the University Library. They provide in-person one-on-one tutoring sessions, which can last up to 45 minutes, online tutoring sessions, and a variety of other tutoring and workshop offerings. Students can schedule a session online or by calling us at 330-672-1787. Students may schedule multiple appointments throughout the semester, but are limited to one session per day. 

The Writing Commons supports all KSU students at all levels and in every academic discipline with any projects that include writing. They assist writers at every stage of the composing and revising process. Tutors help writers at every level of proficiency to experience the satisfaction of developing effective written communication. All student writers can benefit from the feedback and support the Writing Commons provides. 

During a session, a writer and tutor will work together to accomplish goals set by the writer at the start of the session. Typically, sessions involve reading the piece of writing aloud while a tutor helps identify some areas in the writing for revision. Sessions can also be spent brainstorming or learning how to accomplish other writing and revising tasks. Tutors can address any writing-related concerns a student may have during a session. However, as is the policy in most university writing tutorial facilities, papers cannot be dropped off for feedback, edited, or proofread. Assistants do not discuss grades or “do the writing” for the student. At a student’s request, a written description of the session(s) can be sent to their instructor, advisor, or anyone they designate.

Students should bring a description of the assignment they are working on and anything they have written for that assignment to date. Students do not have to bring a full draft to the session in order to benefit from working with a tutor. In fact, some of the most helpful sessions occur when the tutor helps a student to brainstorm to get started on writing.

Students are expected to bring their FLASHCard for identification purposes. Check out Kent State University's FLASHcard User Agreement for more information.

Instructors are welcome to schedule a class tour with the Writing Commons. An assistant will meet you and your class in or outside the Writing Commons Lobby on the 4th floor of the Library to provide a presentation about the basics of the Writing Center.  

For further information, instructors are encouraged to call 330-672-1787 (Writing Commons) or 330-672-1788 (Jeanne Smith, Writing Commons Director). 

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