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Request A Tutor Visit

No time for a class tour?

No problem! The Writing Commons will come to you!

We offer two types of experiences for your students:  

Short Session (10 minutes - 15 minutes): A brief Google Slides presentation followed by a tour of our website, how to navigate it, and how to schedule appointments, with time for questions afterwards.

Long Session (15 minutes - 30 minutes):  A brief Google Slides presentation about the Writing Commons followed by our assistance facilitating one of the following activities:

  • Mock Session
    • Two tutors role play a typical Writing Commons session from start to finish
  • Fishbowl Exercise
    • A tutor conducts a mock session with one of your students as a second tutor explains what's happening
  • Resource Activity
    • The tutors will walk through an assortment of resources on the topic of your choice and facilitate an activity based on those resources
  • Peer Review
    • Depending on what stage of the writing process your students are working in (early, middle, late), the tutors will facilitate a peer review workshop

For the Long Session option, we will need at least week before the visit to plan with you.


To Request an Ambassador Visit, fill out this form.


IMPORTANT: As a reminder, while our Ambassadors are present in your class, you are still the instructor of record. Please remain in your classroom while we are facilitating our presentations, peer reviews, or workshops.

After you submit your request, someone will be in contact to consult with you about your class visit via email.