Graduate Consultations



The Writing Commons is excited to announce our developing Graduate Student Consultation program!

Our trained Graduate Consultants are prepared to work with graduate students in any discipline over the course of their time in the program.



Our mission is to help writers... 

  • Stay productive during the entire writing process 
  • Set appropriate goals 
  • Develop revision and editing skills 
  • Offer helpful feedback on clarity, conciseness, etc. 
  • Craft convincing arguments 
  • Develop research strategies 
  • Connect with statistical consultants, librarians, etc. 
  • Understand grammar and punctuation 
  • Navigate MLA, APA, and other documentation styles 


We can help... 

  • Graduate students at any stage of the writing process 
  • Both non-native and native-English speakers 


We can help with any type of writing, including: 

  • Theses and dissertations 
  • Capstone projects 
  • Resumes and Cover letters 
  • Presentations 
  • Research papers 




Can the Writing Commons help me with my thesis/dissertation? 

We can help! We can help with any project, but there is a time limit. All sessions are 45 minutes long, and only one session is allowed per day. We advise scheduling multiple sessions over time during the writing process for long or very complex projects. Our Graduate Consultants are prepared to work with graduate students in any discipline over the course of their time in the program.


How does the feedback I receive at the Writing Commons compare to that of my Departmental/Faculty Advisor? 

We can . . . 

  • Give you an outside reader perspective on your work. 
  • Help you to apply editing and punctuation conventions. 
  • Support you as you practice documentation formats. 
  • Connect you with additional resources: software, statistics, librarians 


Your Thesis Advisor / Dissertation Director can . . . 

  • Evaluate your research question. 
  • Evaluate the quality of your research. 


Can an undergraduate tutor really help me with my graduate-level writing? 

Yes! All tutors undergo the same training process regardless of their level of education, including an upper-division course (ENG 41194), to learn skills and techniques to help you!   



Graduate Consultation Hours for Fall 2021

If this is your first time scheduling a graduate consultation, please contact the Writing Commons directly. All following appointments can be scheduled through the Writing Commons or your consultant. Hours are dependent on the tutors available and are unique for each day. Remote options are available.


  • 8-8:45 AM
  • 11-11:45 AM
  • 12-12:45 PM
  • 1-1:45 PM
  • 2-2:45 PM
  • 3-3:45 PM
  • 6-6:45 PM
  • 7-7:45PM


  • 1-1:45 PM
  • 2-2:45 PM
  • 3-3:45 PM


  • 1-1:45 PM
  • 2-2:45 PM
  • 3-3:45 PM


  • 2-2:45 PM
  • 3-3:45 PM


  • 3-3:45 PM