Fishbowl Exercise

One of our tutors will demonstrate what Writing Commons Tutoring looks like, from start to finish, while another tutor provides commentary on what is happening and answers questions from your students.

You will need to make sure that at least one student in the class has at least a small paragraph of writing to share and is willing to be a volunteer in this exercise.

The student will come up to the front of the classroom and “be tutored” by one of the tutors.  The other tutor will point out the various stages of the session and the purpose of each part.

  • Breaking the ice and setting the agenda
  • Working with the writer on the agenda items, from highest order concerns to later order concerns.
  • Encouraging the writer to work in the session itself on the writing
  • Checking on time and addressing new concerns
  • Summarizing the session and working on a revision plan
  • Ending the session


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