Free Writing

Sometimes writers need a jump start. Free writing is a chance to put on paper all the thoughts that come to your mind. The "correctness" of the writing doesn't matter, nor does the sentence to sentence connection. Free writing is simply you putting on the page what is in your head.



Simply write anything and everything that comes to mind about your topic. Don’t worry about organizing your ideas or even making sense of them. Write everything down first, and then dissect what you have written. See if you can find common themes, or develop the content further.


Dogs have four legs and a tail.  They have fur.  Dogs normally do not get along with cats.  St. Bernards, Beagles, Rottweilers, Huskies, puppies, paws, noses.  Dogs can be wild or tamed as a family pet.  How many families in the US have a dog or dogs?  How many dogs are taken to the vet each year?  Dogs are known to be friendly and considered “man’s best friend” but a few, like larger dogs, can become mean when provoked.  Dogs also can be show dogs.  Poodles are known as “showy”, “prissy” dogs.  They have curly fur.  I think it’s ugly.  I am running out of things to free write about dogs.  Dogs guard and protect; dogs play fetch and other tricks.