Lists are great ways to get simple ideas out one by one and quickly. Creating a list of possible "big" ideas in your paper and lists of related ideas or examples under those "bigger" ideas lets you form relationships and potential supporting points. You can also look at your list and begin moving ideas around and creating better lists with new relationships you may find.


Make a list of ideas that could be discussed in your paper.  Use this list to organize and develop your paper.


They’re awesome, and the best animal ever

  • why?
  • how?

Big Dogs are Friendly

  • they wag their tails
  • some jump on you
  • they like being around you

Different Breeds

  • Chihuahua
  • German-Shepard
  • Australian-Shepard
  • Doberman Pincher

Big Dogs like Car Rides

  • They always jump right in
  • Head out of the window

They Like to Play

  • Frisbees
  • Chasing
  • Wrestling

They Are Not ‘Yippie’

  • They don’t constantly bark
  • They aren't annoying when they bark